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National Plant Virus Network

Meeting of the National Network of Plant Virology

25th-27th May 2022
Salón de actos Museo Arqueológico de Murcia (MAM) · Murcia


All registrations including lunch-reception, one lunch and dinner meeting, farewell cocktail, coffee/drinks, and Murcia guided tour

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The National Plant Virology Network (REVIPLANT) was created in 2003 through an initiative of the National Biotechnology Program with funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology through a Special Action (BIO2001-4927-E).

On March 26 and 27, 2003 a Foundational Meeting was held at the Parador Nacional de Jávea. During that meeting, an open forum was discussed on different topics of interest to the different groups working in Plant Virology in Spain. During that meeting, an open forum discussed different topics of interest to the different groups working on Plant Virology in Spain.

At the Founding Meeting, 3 thematic sessions of a scientific nature were addressed.

Comparative analysis of the different viral systems.
Infectious cycle of viruses.
Virus control methods and a fourth open to companies in the sector related to Plant Virology.

Objectives of the Network:

  1. Facilitate contact with the largest possible number of Spanish Groups that work in Plant Virology to promote a fluid exchange of information and material , in order to identify issues of common interest that must be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  2. Make known the projects in progress, the plant material (seeds, varieties, etc.) and the available work tools (infectious clones, probes, primers, etc.) to facilitate their possible use by different groups.
  3. Development of a web page equipped with an infrastructure for managing and updating content that facilitates the exchange of information between participants in the Network.

Network Contents.

  • Annual meetings: research results, ongoing projects, invited conferences, round tables…
  • Internet portal with information on groups, projects and services.
  • Informative conferences.
  • Personnel training: short stays in other laboratories and courses.
  • Interaction with companies.

Letter from D. Pedro Gómez, Coordinator of the Renaviplant Network

Dear colleages,

Hereby, this is a great pleasure to announce that the National Network of Plant Virology (RENAVIPLANT) has launched this website.

The III meeting of RENAVIPLANT will be scheduled in 2022 in Murcia (25th-27th May).

RENAVIPLANT is currently constituted with more than 14 research groups belonging to different Public Research Organizations and Universities, comprising more than 55 researchers that together with their students and personal staff configure a specialist’s network working on plant virology. They are highly recognized at national and international level, being at the forefront of plant viral research as fundamental as applied aspects.

The aim of this meeting is to continue with the satisfactory synergy obtained in previous meetings, and create a framework to provide an inspiring and enthusiastic dialogue for constructive and critical communication, as well as the consolidation of previous collaborations and the encouragement of new partnerships. During the meeting, the consolidation of previous collaborations and the stimulation of new activities between the research groups will be promoted. Likewise, this meeting aims to involve the participation of International research groups that, together with other Institutions and Plant Health Services and also companies committed to the agriculture and biotechnology sector, will allow to plan and guarantee further scientific actions that contribute to a significant advance in the plant virology field on the benefit of society’s challenges.

This meeting is open to all the researchers working on plant viruses, as well as gathering companies and cooperatives, including all those interested in virus. Each slot-conference gives participants the chance to meet fellow researchers, talk with students and experts, and share knowledge on viruses to stablish potential collaborations.

You will find details about RENAVIPLANT meeting on this web-page soon, including invited and keynote talks, abstract submission, registration, as well as information regarding to the accommodation and traveling.

This meeting is supported by the grant (RED2018-102703-T) funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades – Agencia Estatal de Investigación.

On behalf of all the members of the RENAVIPLANT team, looking forward to seeing you for contributing to a successful meeting.

Sincerely yours,

An affectionate greeting.

Pedro Gómez (Network Coordinator)

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